Ford's Standard Safety Technology 

Ford's Standard Safety Technology


As a part of Ford Motor Company’s campaign to increase the standard safety features of its 2007 models, the Dearborn automaker is currently developing two new advanced safety technology of its next generation seatbelts to reduce further injuries in car accidents.

One of these safety belt technologies is the four-point seatbelt which will replace the currently used three-point seatbelt. A four-point seat belt system is used to restrain a vehicle occupant in a vehicle seat using two shoulder belts mounted on separate spool which are connected to a common retractor mechanism. The shoulder belts are connected to a lap belt, which is buckled centrally on the abdomen of the occupant.

The other future safety belt technology incorporates an air bag to the typical seatbelt called inflatable safety belt. The tubular-shaped inflatable bag for backseat passengers can deploy inside a shoulder belt in the event of a crash, making it more efficient in reducing injuries during collisions.

To further improve customer satisfaction for safety, Ford will make the side curtain air bags or the Safety Canopy System standard for all 2007 model year vehicles.

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