Famous Cars on TV 

Famous Cars on TV

Munster Koach

ForbesAutos.com compiled a list of vehicles from trusted online sources like epguides.com, TV.com and the Internet Movie Database to come up with the top 10 vehicles which appeared on TV shows. They ranked the vehicles according to the show's longevity, by counting the number of episodes broadcasted by various TV stations.

1. Ferrari 308 GTS
TV Show: Magnum P.I.
Cast: Tom Selleck, John Hillerman
Number Of Episodes: 162
Years It Aired: 1980-1988

2. The General Lee (1969 Dodge Charger)
TV Show: The Dukes of Hazzard
Cast: Tom Wopat, John Schneider, Catherine Bach
Number Of Episodes: 147
Years It Aired: 1979 to 1985

3. The Batmobile (1955 Lincoln Futura concept car)
TV Show: Batman
The Cast: Adam West, Burt Ward
Number Of Episodes: 120
Years It Aired: 1966 to 1968

4. Volvo P1800
TV Show: The Saint
Cast: Roger Moore, Ivor Dean
Number Of Episodes: 118
Years It Aired: 1962 to 1969

5. Ferrari Daytona Spyder/Ferrari Testarossa
TV Show: Miami Vice
The Cast: Don Johnson, Phillip Michael Thomas
Number Of Episodes: 114
Years It Aired: 1984 to 1989

6. GMC G-Series van
TV e Show: The A-Team
Cast: George Peppard, Mr. T, Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz
Number Of Episodes: 98
Years It Aired: 1983 to 1987

7. Ford Gran Torino
TV Show: Starsky & Hutch
Cast: David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser
Number Of Episodes: 93
Years It Aired:

8. K.I.T.T. (Pontiac Trans Am)
TV Show: Knight Rider
Cast: David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Patricia MacPherson
Number Of Episodes: 90
Years It Aired: 1982 to 1986

9. The Munster Koach (1927 Ford T-frame)
TV Show: The Munsters
Cast: Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Beverly Owen, Pat Priest, Butch Patrick
Number Of Episodes: 70
Years It Aired: 1964 to 1966

10. Black Beauty (1966 Chrysler Imperial)
TV Show: The Green Hornet
Cast: Van Williams, Bruce Lee
Number Of Episodes: 26
Years It Aired: 1966 to 1967

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Comment Oh. Sorry and thank you for the correction.

Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:34 pm MST by SarahMcBride

Comment Magnum PI aired from 1980-1988 not 1966 to 1968.

Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:19 am MST by Anonymous

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