Anti-Theft Devices 

Anti-Theft Devices

Car Anti-Theft Devices

The guys at the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) conduct evaluation and studies to determine what are the most common car models usually being stolen in different states in the U.S. They also evaluate the numbers of car theft.

To prevent car theft, NICB created a list of anti-theft car devices. They came up with the “layers” of protection of various devices to ensure your car’s safety from thieves. Car manufacturers made these devices standard in all models or can be installed optionally.

See if you got one of these in your car.

Layer #1 – Common Sense
Ignition Keys
Door Locks/Closed Windows
Park in a Well-Lit Area

Layer #2 – Warning Devices
Audible Alarms
Steering Column Collars
Steering Wheel Locks
Steering Wheel/Brake Pedal Lock
Wheel Locks
Tire Locks/Tire Deflators
Theft Deterrent Decals
Identification markers in or on vehicle
Window Etching
Laminated Glass

Layer #3 – Immobilizing Devices
Smart Keys
Fuse cut-offs
Kill Switches
Starter, ignition and fuel disablers

Layer #4 – Tracking Devices

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