TOYOTA Withdraws its Membership from GPMA 

TOYOTA Withdraws its Membership from GPMA

The GPMA (Grand Prix Manufacturers Association), the group of car manufacturers that participate in Grand Prix motor racing, has lost one of their members when Panasonic Toyota Team withdrew its membership from the group with an immediate effect.

Toyota Motorsport GmbH]

The main reason why Toyota left the group is that they feel GPMA is more focused on
"Operational details rather than the long-term strategic outlook for the future technology of Formula One" said Toyota Chairman Tsutomu Tomita.

Meanwhile, the four remaining members of GPMA including BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, and Renault, made their own responses to Toyota’s withdrawal from the group.

“The Grand Prix Manufacturers Association respects Toyota’s decision to leave
the GPMA and wishes to thank Toyota for the support and dedication it has
shown to the other manufacturers and the sport.” -BMW Grou

“During Toyota’s tenure, the GPMA has agreed a Memorandum of
Understanding with the sport’s commercial rights holder and made progress in
its discussions with the governing body.” –DaimlerChrysler

“The GPMA will continue its efforts to address the long term strategic issues of
Formula One, and the manufacturers and their teams remain dedicated to
establishing a satisfactory regulatory structure and finalizing a new Concorde

“The GPMA already cooperates with car manufacturers who are not formal
members and Toyota will remain an intrinsic part of that process. Toyota will be
welcome to rejoin the manufacturers’ alliance at a later stage.” -Renault

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