U.S. addicted to Oil, says Bush 

U.S. addicted to Oil, says Bush

America is addicted to oil, and the President does not like it at all. President Bush already stated earlier that he has no plans of bailing out Detroit’s struggling automakers.

Bush encouraged an increase in federal research into alternative fuels, like ethanol made from sources other than corn. He also pushed for new nuclear power plants along with increases in wind, solar and clean-coal technologies.

american automakers

Compared to its Japanese counterparts, American automakers do not exactly have stellar reputations when in comes to pursuing fuel-efficient vehicles. (Can anyone spell SUV?) Our friends in Detroit have some serious catching up to do in terms of fuel efficiency: while Toyota's domestic passenger cars averaged 34.3 miles per gallon and Honda's 36.7 mpg in 2005, GM's domestic passenger cars averaged only 28.8 mpg, with Ford's averaging 28.2 and DaimlerChrysler's 28.7 mpg.

With this “official notice” from the White House, we can clearly expect to see more efforts from our automakers to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles sooner than later. The success of the Toyota Prius already has every automaker scurrying to offer their own hybrid vehicles. Aside from Toyota and Honda, Ford, Chevrolet and GM are now also offering their hybrid models. The latest should be GM which would be offering a hybrid Cadillac Escalade come 2007.

As ordinary citizens, we can also do our part in reducing our country's dependence on foreign oil by making sure that our own vehicles are properly maintained and that we drive them responsibly. Should you need to replace your tailgates, your fog lights, or your grills – just click on to trusted online auto parts stores like Auto Parts Deal.

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