The top ten safest cars 

The top ten safest cars

So what do we have here?

The top ten safest cars, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

Large Cars

Gold: Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego (Twin vehicles)

Silver: Audi A6

Midsized cars

Gold: Saab 9-3

Gold: Subaru Legacy

Silver: Audi A3

Silver: Audi A4

Silver: Chevrolet Malibu with optional side airbags

Silver: Volkswagen Jetta

Silver: Volkswagen Passat

Small car

Gold: Honda Civic 4-door

Vehicles that received Gold awards earned "good" ratings -- the best possible -- for front-, side- and rear-impact protection. Vehicles that were rated good for front- and side-impact protection and "acceptable" for rear-impact protection earned Silver awards.

Of course having a vehicle that gets the insurersí nod for safety is good. But even if your vehicle isnít on the list Ė you can still drive with peace of mind if your vehicle sits on excellent, correctly inflated tires, gives you a good view of whatís behind or is coming up behind you with properly aligned mirrors, and effectively lights up your way with lights that are in great shape. Make sure your vehicle gets only the best auto parts to ensure its safety. Get them at trusted online auto parts stores like Auto Parts Deal.

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