Consumer Reports’ most family-friendly cars 

Consumer Reports’ most family-friendly cars

Next to efficient driving skills, choosing the right car is essential to transporting your family safely to your destination. To the family man (or woman), a vehicle’s looks comes secondary to safety – but that’s not to say that the safer vehicles are boring and dull.

Here’s a list of Consumer Reports' top recommended family-friendly models:

Family sedans: 2005 Honda Accord

* agile handling yet ride is steady and comfortable
* roomy and comfortable cabin, easy to use controls
* folding rear seats for extra long items
* impressive crash-test results
* standard side-curtain airbags

Large sedans: 2005 Toyota Avalon

* combines comfort and convenience with a powerful V6 engine
* secure handling
* provides quiet and comfortable ride
* expensive, limo-like seating area for rear-seat passengers

Midsized wagons: 2005 Subaru Outback

* nimble, agile handling
* 2.5-liter engine delivers good fuel economy for an AWD
* Cabin materials are supple and well-assembled

Minivans: 2005 Honda Odyssey

* excellent interior flexibility
* generous standard safety features
* split-third row seat allows either side to be folded into the floor for optimum versatility
* agile and precise handling
* smooth and powerful engine transmission
* supple and steady ride

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