Stop, Look and Listen 

Stop, Look and Listen

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All cars and its parts and components are subject to wear and tear, repair and replacement; thus, proper maintenance is needed for it to last longer than expected and in order for you to avoid future repair expenses. As you drive, you must be cautious and sensitive of the way your car reacts to every driving situation. Be wary of signs such as rust, leaks, dents, cracks, stinking smell and the like. Be sensitive, use your senses well. Stop, look and listen!

If some parts of you car are damaged, don’t hesitate to replace them immediately so you won’t have to suffer inconveniences. Things like a broken wirings, busted lights, and worn out wheels and tires shouldn’t be taken for granted. Below are some situations that require your attention. They may cause major problems if not attended to immediately.

1. Metal grinding noise from the front wheels while turning or while driving at low speeds. (This could be due to a bad CV joint.)

2. Steering wheel vibrates while driving at around between 50 and 70 mph. (This could be due to front wheel imbalance.)

3. Your car doesn’t move when put in reverse; you need to press on the accelerator hard enough first for it to move. (Low transmission fluid)

4. Car doesn’t start (This could be due to some electrical problems, especially on the starter, battery and alternator.)

5. Spokes of the steering wheel are not centered when you drive down a straight road. (A problem on wheel alignment)

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