The World’s Oldest Automobile Manufacturer Soon to Retire? 

The World’s Oldest Automobile Manufacturer Soon to Retire?

In the news: Chrysler and Mercedes Partnership is currently on the rocks.

Is that true? This was my first reaction when I read the news about DaimlerChrysler’s dismal state.

While Chrysler enjoyed some success in the auto industry in the recent years, Daimler on the other hand was spending millions of dollars reviving its former prestigious name but was unfortunate in its efforts. This consequently, affects the status of Mercedes Benz, the world’s oldest car maker—and yes, one of the most notable luxury cars.

DaimlerChrysler is in need of a new CEO for Mercedes Benz; but unfortunately, nobody seems to be willing to accept responsibility of restoring Mercedes Benz’ original luster. Recently, the company had been beset by low sales and quality problems. In fact Reuters news says Mercedes Benz is now left far behind by BMW. BMW gained 11.4 percent increase in sales in September while Mercedes Benz managed to get only 4.9 percent increase in sales, although this has been Mercedes Benz highest sales increase for this year so far.

If such occurrence will prevail or get worse, Mercedes Benz’ life will definitely be in danger. For a Mercedes Benz owner like me, this is quite depressing. But anyway, I don’t think an icon in the industry such as Mercedes Benz will just vanish in an instant.

Mercedes Benz cars are still among the best sellers in the luxury segment nowadays. In its official web site, Mercedes Benz reports that the world premier of the Mercedes Benz S-class at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt was very successful. Only one week after the market launch, these new models have already gained great response from buyers. The B and R-Class market launch last June is likewise showing positive results now. On the other hand, Mercedes Benz had sold more than 200,000 units of the second generation Mercedes Benz A-Class since its launching last year.

As a Mercedes Benz owner, I still feel a sense of pride driving a car that is recognized as a symbol of technical excellence, superb engineering and luxury. I love my Mercedes Benz for I had wonderful memories with it. If Mercedes would eventually lose its once glorious name, I’d still be a proud owner of a Mercedes car.

So that’s it for now. I still have to do some shopping for replacement Mercedes Benz parts. I want to replace my Mercedes Benz tail lights with more stylish ones I’ve seen from Auto Parts Deal. I’m planning to resize my rear Mercedes Benz wheels as well to make it appear like those of a sports car. Okay, got to go now.

Oh, by the way, just a sec.

I just thought keeping your Mercedes Benz in good shape and perfect driving condition is a great way to preserve Mercedes Benz’ exalted image. Whether Mercedes Benz would eventually lose its high standing in the industry or not, seeing old Mercedes Benz cars still confidently driving through modern city streets and highways would always remind us what Mercedes Benz used to be.

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