Fogging Up Your Car's Windows? 

Fogging Up Your Car's Windows?

Sure, sure, sure. Everybody has done it, if not, planned to do it at least once in their lives.

Car sex. In many parts of the world having sex in public is illegal -- but people do it anyway. For starters, there's nothing like the thrill of the thought that you may get caught doing the nasty. It's spontaneous, and, not to mention, doing it in the car does save you money on hotel (or motel) expenses. Besides, it's been glamorized so much in the media it comes close to being fashionable. Who can forget Leo and Kate fogging up the windows in the movie Titanic?

But, before you get down on it -- here are a few helpful tips to make the experience more ugh, pleasurable:

1.Clean car. Any woman (well, not unless she's drugged, incoherent, or just plain fearless) or man, for that matter, would be apprehensive about removing her or his clothes and getting down in a car that has McDonalds wrappers on the floor, soiled gym clothes and smelly shoes in the back or a sticky dash. Make sure the inside of your car is spotless.

2.Parking Brake. You wouldn't want to forget to do this simple little action. Hold on to your horses and make sure that your car's parking brake is on. This is very important. Make sure your auto wheels don't betray you. Other wise the two of you could end up naked in a ditch -- that would really ruin the experience, wouldn't it?

3.And yes, make sure that your car's other auto parts are working. Really now, if your car cannot even start properly, how can you even get to that perfect spot? Come on, clicking for replacement auto parts at Auto Parts Deal isn't that hard.

And finally, whatever happens, don't do it if you are in Jakarta or other exotic locale in Indonesia. Just recently, the Indonesian parliament's new anti-porn proposal included a prohibition on kissing on the mouth in public, which it puts in the same category as public nudity, flashing, erotic dancing and sex parties. Get caught and you could enjoy the comforts of an Indonesian jail for 5 years and leave the country $29,000 lighter. Imagine if you get caught doing more than just kissing!

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